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I feel a little bit better about this useless situation. I guess I didn't make myself clear that the husband already left a check for me on the front door. So I wasn't worried about getting paid. I just don't like that someone who presents themself as being a wealthy individual can balk at my price compared to the time I spent on the property. What is going to happen when I have a less wealthy family hire me to do maintenance? I hope someone out there can tell me what to do when these situations come about. I mean, I buy better equipment to be more efficient, then get verbally abused for being more effiicient. What gives? Some have said to try and do the work when the homeowner is away. That can't really happen for me. Most of my customers wives' don't work. I guess I need to just forget about it. But surely someone has something good to say when they are being abused by such customers. Please help!!
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