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From what I have seen and learned from these type of customers is the ones with money are always the ones to Bit-h. About something at all and most times its stupid bs things they yap about. But it makes them feel that you earned your money. We mow in an area that is mostly homes $ 300000 to 1.5 mill. and all we hear is yap yap yap. Most times its some little thing that once they are done all is good and then they pay. Other ones I have had alot of bad luck with is old timers. If it not we used to have to work for are money or you want how much. I got to the point one day with a older lady that she and a problem with the 52 walks on her lawn and wanted the 21 push mowwers used instead. She thought we were riping her off since the crew was in and out in less than 8 mins. Well I gave her a price to use the small mower and she freaked. Then I showed her what the walk behinds sell for and she was just blown away at the price. Then I pointed out her look their is 4 mowwers on that trailer so add it up then add in price for truck and trailer and weed wackers and ect. So she did when it was all said and done it added up to like $ 55000 in all. Then I said to her now we have 2 set ups like that. After all that she never btch again and started to add a tip to each bill. Worst part of it all she was worth millions. And I mean Millions they owned lots of farm land and made major money when they sold it all off but still count for ever penny. SO nate its not you.
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