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Originally Posted by Sandgropher View Post
Well you were right and we were wrong , i think personally he did pretty well going though 15 states with no back up trucks etc, i still hope he posts his story and we can experience the highs and lows of what would have been an interesting journey, maybe Dixie Chopper can tell us thre reasons that the ride ended ? or at least what Lou said on the phone.
You are the first person who has eluded to the fact that I was correct in thinking that this dream would never happen. I did however have a lot of pms stating that I was the devil or something for thinking the way I did. In my opinion, Louis Ransome was a normal person who just wanted to get his name out or be known for something... It wasn't about the kids...I'd understand underwriting the Shriners if he had a kid with cancer or something; but, he didn't. I'm almost sure he did that so he'd have some sympathy when he got pulled over. Also, the fact that he just left the mower at a rural gas station makes me sick. That ******* wasn't even accountable for the mower that he was given to use for FREE! What an irresponsible loser.
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