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I bought a Christmas franchise back in 2001 called Brite Ideas, Christmas Decor and Holiday Decor and others are out there. If you want to do well at Christmas Lights, you have got to have training, and a very reliable source of products.

The good jobs are those that want products that are unique, and that's one reason to buy a franchise- they have product no one else has. I now buy wholesale from Holiday Bright Lights, they sell to installers at retail, but also sell memberships to get the wholesale prices. they have the best products, And you don't have to buy a franchise up front to get access to product. wreaths, garland, displays, all are top notch.

All the above companies as well as Holiday Bright Lights will also train you how to do this and tell you how to price it for your area.

I'd reccomend you talk to Bruce Lee or Scott Heese at holiday bright lights, you can google it and find their website.

They can also sell you with marketing pieces, such as postcards and newspaper pieces, to help you sell jobs.

Please don't go out and buy walmart lights and charge people to hang them. you will be miserable with repairs and callbacks. there were 7 companies that did that in my area, and all are out of business now. there is no long term money in that. the idea that 300-400 bucks to hang the customers lights is also a loser- they will never buy the good stuff.

we started 7 years ago and have built a Christmas light business that serves 125-150 NICE properties, and we will do over 250k this year from Sept. 15- Feb. 15. 3 crews, lots of fun, but busy. we put up, take down and we store all of our customers lights. That is how you make it work and make money.

good luck.
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