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Originally Posted by hossmp View Post
Hello. This question could be for PJ the hustler rep or anyone that has alot of experience with them. I was at my local dealer that I get alot of equip. from and he started carrying them. He had the Super Z with 26l.c. and 60inch deck. To me the 26 l.c. has plenty of power however with all the hydraulic drain this machine is going to create with the 21 cc pumps is this really enough engine? What do people usually go with the 30 Kohler or the 28 efi Kohler or do they go with the 26 l.c. kawi?? Maybe this has been asked I did a quick search and didnt see it. I drove it around the lot becuase I was so curious and it seemed like it had a ton of hydro whining noises and wasnt sure if thats normal from a super z with those giant motors or if it was due to the lack of power?? Any insight on thes questions? Thanks in advance guys.
Not enough engine, you really can't get enough engine on a Super Z. I was running side by side with my 28 efi and a 32 hp Vanguard on a Bad Boy, the fellow driving the Bad Boy said I could hear your engine falling back and I said yep these pumps pull more than you would think. The 32 Vanguard never changed sounds.
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