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Originally Posted by hossmp View Post
Do you guys suggest people opt for the two larger engine choices? Essentially what engine sells the best with a 60inch deck on your machines if that data is available? I have heard mention you guys make sure the 30 Kohlers you sell are updated. The dealer I stopped at only stocks kawasaki engines because the sales person feels in his opinion they are better.
For a long time the 25 Kawasaki was the # 1 seller on the 60" Super Z, then the 27 Kohler took its place and now the 30 Kohler is about there.
The 30hp Kohlers about a year and a half ago needed a couple updates, anything built in the last year is of the latest design, no worries to be had there.
You need to talk to your dealer, some dealers stock and push certain engines because of their distributor and relationships with the particular mfg.
You can always order in what you want.

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