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Hi All
I've been keeping the green side up and the grass side down for some thirty
years. Started out for a company call Walsh Landscaping back in 73, When the boss found out that I could turn a wrench, I got drafted into helping
him do maintance on his Lockes. Anyone old enough to know what a Locke is ?
Anyway, after 23 years there, the business was sold 5 years after the ol' man passed on to the greener side of the fence. Turned a wrench for Scians for a few years untill TrueGreen to over. That was a nightmare......
So now I'm a full time small engine mechanic, working in a hole in the wall shop that will go nameless....Can't do the walking any more.....
Spent some of my winters working in mower shops, if not doing snow. Learning a new trade. And thats about it.
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