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The 4-6 are the regular weekly customers. Then i have a couple others that i do every week.. A lot of the work lately has been doing other work, mulch and stone beds, and being as tho i don't have a skid or dingo, its all shovel and wheel barrow. So its a pain. Im also spending a lot of time out repaintin the towns fire hydrants for an eagle project. Im finishing that up this week before i go down the shore.

Ive put out flyers around the area but this late in the season im not getting a whole lot in response (just people who think its too hot, but only want to pay $10-15 a shot. Which isnt worth it. I give out business cards to the people i work for and tell them if they know someone who needs work to give them one, and i have gotten some calls lately from that.

Today i was out on an estimate and the guy wasnt home. Trim a lot of bushes and weekly cutting. I was done and leaving the estimate and the guy tells me that he called my office (dont have fone # is the cell) to tell me not to do it (still havent gotten the voicemail) and had someone else doing it. The guy is doin a 1/2 acre lawn once a week for $20 and is workint $5/hour on the bushes. I told the good for you...told him my minimum is $15 an hour on that kind of stuff and told him to wait for a bill for my time that he wasted by not calling me to tell me this when we had a scheduled appointment for the estimate.

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