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hey izuzu trucks the stub nose ones is what their talking about . there made in janesville , wisconsin they also make w-4's which is the chevy version. they have alot of these in those truck mag. ive even seen them with plows on them they look good put a grain type dump on them tow a 16' drop gate trailer with it and have a plow on it what a well rounded truck they even have crew cabs and are under cdl weight limits. they cost between 20,000 to 30,000 complete with just might be my next truck i have an s-10 that can and can't handle the loads sometimes i see people look when im going threw town with a 150 bricks in the bed and towing 3 yards of mulch in the trailer i look like a chevy commercial. or an ediot i don't know hey if you can afford it get a truck not a wheel barrow small truck that is. <br>
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