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Check out page 1 of the Feb. Issue of grounds<br>maintenance mag.<p>Rutgers did some leaf incorporation in farmland (row crops) and found the following:<p>The leaves caused a temporary N deficiency in<br>plants grown in leaf-amended soil.<p>To compensate they recommend adding supplement N.<p>I have not bagged a leaf in over 5 years.<br>Even though I did not know this research until a few days ago I have been fertilizing<br>with 32-5-7 at half rate (1/2 N/1k sq ft)<br>at my last service of the year right after mulching all the leaves to help in the natural break down of the leaves.<p>As far as finding bits of leaves in the lawns in the spring I have not found this a problem. I run a jrco tine rake ahead of a<br>walk behind with highlift blades and I don't<br>bag anything. What little thatch etc. that<br>appears either blows away or is incorperated into the soil with the heavy spring rains.
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