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battle of the ants

Originally Posted by Ducke View Post
Been doing some follow up on calls from customers re: possibility of Chinch damage on their lawns but what we are finding is ants? I was on a lawn today that was alive with Black Ants I could see the trails of ants from my truck. In a 10' x 10' area we had about 15 ant hills. Ants are becoming a huge problem here and we can't seem to figure out why this year and why so many. We do have a pesticide ban here and can only spray or dust with organics. Dose anyone have any ideas on what we can use to control or get rid of these ants.
There several ways to organicly combat these pests. ! pour scolding hot water on the mound this may take 2 or 3 tries 2. mix the ant piles take a shovel of one pile to another and vice versa they will fight each other . this isnt as effective but it is fun to watch. And 3. this works well, cover the mound with D.E. powder (diatamoucous earth) This is a a powder that is used in swimming filters and is cheap. In the States it is organic
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