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I posted this message in the support section. I'm reposting it here to see if some of you guys & gals out there are in agreement with me. Here it is:<p>Might not be a bad idea to ditch the &quot;grassmaster&quot; forum which nobody uses and replace it with one for those of us who operate full service businesses, full time, all year round. The commercial forum is pretty broad in that it includes part-timers and green-behind-the-ears newbies. I've got no problem with them participating but those of us who have been making a full-time living at this profession for a number of years might like a forum where questions such as &quot;How often should I sharpen my mower blades?&quot; don't take up space.<br>Just a thought.<p>Let me know if you agree or disagree.<p><p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>
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