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New super z with xr-7 60" deck, tares up ground in the middle of deck.

I bought a new super z a few weeks ago. I like the mower and deck but the deck seems to break ground in the middle of the deck, even mowing high sometimes. I know that uneven ground will make it scalp, and thats normal, but instead of scalping it will make two good size trenchs in the ground instead of scalp. so i looked under the deck and sure enough the two bolt on deck baffles towards the back of the deck are slightly lower than everything else. is that normal? it seems like they should be the same hight as the rest of the deck. also right behind the baffles there is two spots in the middle that have the same three hole pattern for scalp wheels. it looks like you could put two more scalp wheels under the deck behind the baffles.

any info would be appricated, i think this is not normal at all. my guess is the baffles should have been bolted on a little higher or the baffles should only be installed with the other two scalp wheels.
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