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Hello Everybody:<p>I've noticed that in 2 different forums that it has been brought up to ditch the GrassMaster Forum.<p>Well that is left up to Chuck & him only. He gave me this forum because of the content I provide & the fact he is a great guy. I did not ask for the forum.<p>Now why is this forum dead well I have the only competeing forum on this site. The other forums are different in their own way.<p>Majority rules right? Well lets see?<p>Commercial Lawn Care forum has over 3775 post & mine 63 post. Its almost 60 times bigger than mine. My post when there has been problems in the past have been lost & I had to start all over again here.<p>Commercial lawn care forum is listed above mine. Look at the names of the forums, Commercial lawn care forum beats the hell out of GrassMasters forum.<p>I try to help everybody the best I can & I've been doing this with my web site since late 96. I answer about 100 or more E-mails a week. Where were you in 96, at that time I had already been on the net 2 years.<p>I almost died in the lawn Service Business & if I can keep this from happening to just one person that has a spouse & 4 children, my mission is complete. Even if it takes 10 more years.<p>I just want to get people to understand that it is OK to Work Smarter not Harder!<p>Yes I want to profit off of it & believe me, people can tell you what they want but that is why we are all here!$$$$ Ca Ching<p>You want the biggest, best & most profitable lawn Service in town. Hey it makes sense to me. I will help you anyway I can.<p>I want the biggest & best Lawn Service Information Resources web site on the Internet. <p>Guess what I did it. With no outside resourses or support!<p>Hey Let GrassMaster BRAG!!!!!<br>Always 5 exclamation marks do you know why?<p>The first & only free non commercial web site Lawn Service Resourses related.<p>The first one to put up a Valuable internet resourses page that can't be beat.<p>The first one to put up contracts for everyone to benifit from.<p>The first one to put up a Browser Start Up Page.<p>I will stop here but there is plenty more, just my battery is getting low from tooting my horn so long!LOL<p>I'm a so called Grandaddy on the Internet not a Infant!<p>I don't get paid to make long thought out post. I post in 5 different forums & answer 100 e-mails a week. This free service takes 30 to 40 hours a week. I will keep on doing this no matter what.<p>What else do I do lets see, I have 2 forums that I run & its not much right now, I have 5 web sites, I run a Power Equipment Dealership, I'm writing 4 books that I will never finish, I support a family & when my sorry lazy butt don't have anything else to do I try to find me a life! LOL I could have put down more.<p>Its Chucks Forum & he does as he wishes. If you knew much about this stuff he could put on another 20 + forums without ditching the little guy!<p>Until yesterday I have answered questions only & never asked until yesterday. If I have ever offended anyone, I did not mean too.<p>I can't waste this much time & money causing problems. I just want to be like everybody else SUCCESSFUL!!!!!<p>BTW, I will cross post because it was done to me. I know it's a no no on forums.<p>LOL I'm forced to cross post because this GrassMasters forum is dead & nobody reads it. Oh well.<p><p><br><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Have a nice day!!!!! Home:<br>Visit my browser Start Up Page
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