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I've paid my dues...

I don't know if ya'll are still giving these away, but I'll share my tale of woe anyhow. Four years ago I joined the Fire Department, and being that we work 24 on 48 off, I planned to start my own business as soon as my training was over. Well I got started with a Bobcat 36" walk behind (very old & used) that I bought from my Batt. Chief, an ancient Echo back pack blower, and my one piece of new equipment, a Toro trimmer multi tool with edger and hedge trimmer attatchments. I had no racks, but I kept everything locked up with a heavy duty cable. One morning, when I got off shift, I went to my first yard, as I walked around to grab the edger/trimmer, I noticed that I had forgotten to lock the cable, then I noticed that the trimmer was gone. I knew someone stole it as the solid sides of my tiny trailer wouldn't let anything fall out. I was astounded. While I was no longer a rookie firefighter, I was very much still a rookie in the lawncare business. I filed a police report the next day, and since I was sure that my Home Depot special was long gone, I went to Lost Mountain Outdoor Power to purchase a replacement. While I'm there I get a phone call from the officer that took the report, they had recovered my trimmer! I went ahead and bought a Maruyama split shaft trimmer and then claimed my stolen property.
Now that I was the proud owner of a true commercial trimmer, I knew I had to have some racks. Well, after shelling out $330 for the Maruyama, I bought some cheap no-name racks. What a mistake, I HATED them! My trimmers rattled around, spilling gas and cutting the wires. One day, I'm cruising home and someone pulls along side of me pointing at my trailer. I pull over and find that one of the trimmers had come loose from the rack and the engine had drug on the road wearing a hole in the fuel tank, thank goodness it was the Toro. I was thoroughly disgusted now. Since I upgraded my mower I really needed a bigger trailer. I found a used 6x12 with Green Touch racks and I jumped on it. Those racks are great, however I do lust for the Extreme racks on display down at the equipment dealer.
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