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my anti scalp wheels are bolted high right now. but its the middle of the deck that i have the problems, and yes on uneven ground. I have been using three different mowers on teh same properties and none do this. I had another friend of mine that mows a lot more than i do, he owns two 60" bunton mowers, use my hustler because one of his mowers broke down, and he said the same thing, it would tear up ground instead of the normal scalping.

so you think adding wheels is teh way to go? i don't want to tear up 2 " deep lines in a yard instead of the normal scalping from the blades just because of a mistake in hight or uneven ground judgment. usually if you don't lift the deck intime you scalp it down and next week it will be growing again. as it is right now, if i dont rais the deck enough, i'll have to hop off the mower and try to patch the ground back together.
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