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I think you would be better served with the<br>Toro 253 (exmark with a toro deck) for a<br>number of reasons.<p>1. Better mowing of wet turf.<br>2. 62&quot; vs. 60&quot; width<br>3. The KISS principal when it comes to the<br>deck height adjustment mech.<br>4. For the price of a $15 bracket a large<br>grass gobbler fits the discharge opening of<br>the 62&quot; Toro deck perfectly.<p>I mounted a 62&quot; Toro deck to my best traction<br>unit (1995 Kohler 18 hp V-twin) last Sunday.<p>The 62&quot; toro deck is a whole different animal when compared to the 44/52&quot; toro stamped decks. The 62 weighs in at over 100<br>lbs more than a 44/52&quot;.<p>The drive pulley on the center spindle looks<br>to be twice the size of a 52&quot; pulley. Underneath that massive drive pully is a little pulley that drives the rest of the spindles at awesome (for a Toro) speed.<p>Even with the engine up to operating temp.<br>the C.A.R.B. certified CV-18 could not start<br>the 62&quot; in deck in the run position of the<br>choke. I had to choke the engine half way<br>then engage the PTO. Once I go the deck up<br>to speed I was able to lean the engine out<br>into the run position.<p>If you look at Toros website the 62&quot; deck is<br>no longer available for a walk behind. The above &quot;problem&quot; might have lead to this but<br>I just think they want to sell more profitable ZTR's.<p><p><br>
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