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I worked for a franchise in nj about 5 years ago. It was a joke. Its just a marketing ploy. We used team pro for pre emergent, eliminate , drive 75, manage, merit, mach 2 they only thing they stayed away from was 2 4 d and fungicides. They told customers they spot spray and that reduces chemical use by 75% and at the same time told us to blanket to reduce service calls. They grew to about 1000 customers while i was there over three years. They did alot of telemarketing to get leads the was before do not call list. It was in house and the that is what the techs did all winter. The offered corn gluten and milky spore but it was not effective and rarely used. Their fert did have molorganite (human ****) in it but they also used lesco at times. The guys who started it had a great markting idea.
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