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I never suggest it. Not even if you are desperate. Like dillon mentioned, parts break when you (you machines) bite off more than they can chew.

I had a co-employee beg me to mow her [boyfriend's] yard for it being so high...charged her $35...A STEAL that when I look back on anyone should POUNCE! AFter i cut the 2 ft high nightmare, I suggested if she wanted me to ever mow it again, we MUST set up a schedule, biweekly, or...dare i say it...triweekly. This was in the middle of May when i cut the nightmare, ended up replacing a belt and was very close to replacing a spindle.

ON the Forth of July, she begs me AGAIN to mow her yard due a lein to be issued the following weekend...

I can't believe I wasted a thought and my valuable time even considering the insane request...grass was THREE AND A FRIGGIN HALF FOOT TALL IN ALL PLACES! I tell her my equipment simply cannot handle the overgrowth. Keep in mind that being in this state we've received about 20 inches of rain between the last time i cut her yard and her last request to hack it down again.

On top of that she has only partially paid me for the last time i essentially brushhogged. She does have personal problems as far as divorce aftermath, 2 kids, and poor housing conditions (from what i could judge by looking at the run down shack that was in the middle of the overgrown weeds)...but as a business person, your business ethics, if they are in good standing, can only allow for so much sympathy for someone that has made very poor decisions and only being 27 years of age. Oh well, some people just gotta learn.....

Just as a side note, her boyfriend broke down and bown a lawn mower to ack down the grass and ended up getting bitten by a black widow spider while doing it... AND my co-employee at my place of employment quit the day after the I can safely assume i won't see the rest of my payment for the last time...
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