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I have a sometimes customer who broke her old mower and let her lawn go for months last year. I spent two hours hacking it with the string trimmer before I was able to mow it. Then mowed it for most the rest of the season. She said she had her mower fixed I thought, but this year she let the lawn go until June then called me. I couldn't even string trim it, it was too green and just wrapped around the head every 30 seconds. Ended up renting a brush hog for $40, cut it 3 times before I could get the mower in the yard, mowed it twice before it looked decent. Took me two hours, I only charged her $30 an hour plus the $40 for the rental. I plowed her this winter too, but I hate doing it because she's a divorcee with kids and always crying poor mouth and I feel bad charging her. But, it isn't my responsibility to take care of her either.
Which brings me to the other lawn. There is a lady nearby who I'm told has been looking for somebody but can't find someone to mow her yard. It has a whole seasons worth of hay, which is now laid down due to the rain. It would need to be brush hogged repeatedly before mowing also. I am not sure if I want to take it on, and if I did I would charge a lot more than the other one. I can't help but wonder what the real story is, if she really wanted to find someone I bet she could pick up a newspaper. She probably wants a neighborhood kid to do it for $5. But I know I could handle the job and I would like to get another account real close to another one I do.
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