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in seattle i run into alot of soil compaction issues.Most everything i work on is new,our soils have a large % of blue marine clay,plus it is so's what i do: in the spring i spray everything with ROOTS 1-2-3 :this has a great surfactant in it.Prior to drought time i use about 1oz /1000 of ivory soap-this allows for irrigation water to penetrate and reduces localized dry spot, in the fall once again Roots 1-2-3 and Fe8 with humic and fulvic acids...i like fall-very early fall aeration with overseeding and premie in the spring...i have heard about a product which is ,God help our planet, ground up tires in a fine grain that can added at aeration...i've never used it and wonder about slow release of zinc through this ammendment-haha!
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