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Question About Ariens 21" Commercial

I just bought an Ariens 21" Commercial mower with the Robbin engine. I like the mower's performance for the most part, but have a problem I need help with concerning the deck design.
The bottom of the deck has the bottom edge rolled under to form a horiz. lip on the inside of the mower deck. When mulching tall,overgrown grass and weeds, the cuttings jam up between the end of the blade and this lip and stall the mower. Also, if you run over a plastic bottle or an alum. pop can,these items jam in the same place. All the other mowers I use can chop this stuff up, or throw it out under the deck. Due to this problem, I can not use this mower on any of my Code Enforcement contract jobs.
Could I take a torch and grinder and remove this lip without harming the performance of this mower.
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