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Hi Y'all

I am a HAPPY CAMPER a real HAPPY CAMPER. My dealer called me about an hour ago and said " we are replaceing both hydros and final drives at no cost to you." I told my dealer thank and while the mower is in the shop to go stem to stern and check and fix everything. Like I said before, if it cost me a couple hundren to get this mower running like it should I will be OK.

I promised Dinner on me to you fellows and the offer is still good only you have to come to S.W. Fla. to collect. My many thanks for the help you all haven given me. I have been very happy with Walkers over the years. However the the 1999 model has had its share of problems hopefully this will solve that. The nice thing about Walkers is they are jig made and any good welding shop can fix the frame. (had it happen) Also they can be rebuilt easily and for about $1200.00 to $1400 you can drop in a long block with a two year free replacement. I find it is cheaper in the long run to replace engines, than to rebuilt them.

I will post again in about two of three weeks and tell y'all how the 1999 is performing. Thanks again for the help.

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