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Where do I start? That's my thought everytime I have full day of lawncare customers to satisfy and I look at my trailer. A fully enclosed CM 2 horse aluminum tandem axle horse. LOL Yeah, I'm the only guy in my area with that type of "lawn rig". Gets alot of look too. Anyway I have been trying to figure out how to hang up my Echo trimmers, that I just bought, so I can protect my investment. I even tried hangin em on the tack racks by the gas tanks but I think this will eventually turn ugly. (ie only the tank left hanging on the wall.) I need something I can bolt directly to an aluminum wall stud that wont caust "galvanic corrosion". I have looked at other racks but can't see them working. Would love to see if your racks could solve my problem. P.S. I know your thinking, I'd love to see what his trailer looks like. I can send pics. Oh and I am a brand new member and this is my very first post over. New to the biz and new to this site. It has been a great resource and worth many many laughs for me. Thanks guys.
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