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Thanks y'all

Darin & Dave send me you adresss via private mail.

Dave a good man can make it anywhere. A lot of butchers here, but a good man with some knowledge can make it. Only thing that is bad is the lowballer. I wished I could get the prices you all get up north. Wages are much lower here, but then so is the cost of living. The Green Industry is a 10 billion $ industry state wide. To make any money you have to have pesticide and or Irrigation Lic. Pesticide lic. is hard to get. Irrigation lic can be hard to get depending on county you are in. Both lic require that you work some one with a lic. in the state of Fla. for 3 years.

As for boats We have some of the best fishing in the country and the worlds highest paying fishing tourment. However I think you could make more money repairing boats than sailing them.

Come on down and take a look. send me a private e-mail and I will give you my 800 # so I can answer your question in person.

I cann't spellll but 2+2=5
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