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Assuming your objections were aimed at me, I am not strictly organic. I try whenever possible to use organic or biological controls. This is not always possible, however. I run a business and not all of my customers are interested in organics for one reason or another. I must respect their choices.

As for your comments about unlisted chemicals, I'm not sure what you are talking about? Perhaps you could clarify. Glyphosate is listed with the EPA as a registered pesticide and the ingredients in EMG are also listed, but as exempt.

And finally, concerning the lifespan of glyphosate being "much longer" than the mfg reports - show me proof! I get so tired of hearing people claim that a particular mfg overstates (or understates) its effectiveness or impact but can offer no evidence to support that. I am supposed to throw out the mfg's internal studies, the government oversight regulation, and in many cases independent research the coincides with the company claims and instead believe a single unsubstantiated statement from someone opposed to all chemical usage?

Having said that, all pesticides can be harmful if not used properly, whether it is a restricted use pesticide that is strictly monitored by the EPA or an exempt product such as EMG. However, in the hands of a professional, all of these chemical and exempt products can be used effectively AND safely.
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