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You know it's funny, but something about customers who have a pre-set price in mind...
ALL customers, just about every single last customer has some kind of a figure in their head as to what it should cost.
Understood, that's their opinion, but there's not much can be done, if someone thinks $30 then $30 to them it is, quote $60 and watch out if they say ok, they'll end up getting that extra $30 some kind of way, or they just don't pay.

That's what happened with this one fellow, called me 2-3 years ago for a leaf cleanup... The yard and driveway was a bit deep but not too bad, I figured put all of this in the wooded area and be done with it, I can't remember but I think I quoted 2-300... Oh wow he called back FAST...
Turns out he wanted the wooded area cleared up, too.
I get a few of these, they suddenly want the leaves out of the woods...
And now I could see it, this guy was thinking 6-700 for all of that...
We're not just talking a few trees here, this was a considerable size area, then he talks about he wants to grow lawn there, later.

I told this guy it would cost 3-4000 just to clear up enough of the BRUSH and small trees out of the way so I could get my blower up in there, the leaves on top of that, still he needed to consider the lawn would cost... CLICK! (he hung up)
That was the end of it, or so I thought...
This year I see the area all cleaned up, like back in April-May.
Some fellow was working on it, looked pretty good, then he brought in dirt.
Nice topsoil, really nice, piles and piles of it, stretched the whole wooded area, we're talking maybe 1/4 acre to be later spread out.
Today, and yes I mean right now, the piles are still sitting there, as is.

So you know what happened?
The customer finally swallowed that he was going to HAVE to spend 3-4g...
But as I said, it still doesn't work, sure enough he must've bargained for a lot more.
That's what always happens, once they have a price in mind you CAN'T go over.
I feel kind of sorry for that Lco, but am glad I saw this one coming.
Meanwhile thou, I got 3 accounts fixing to go to a collection agency, similar bs, a whole lot less money.
It's ALWAYS like that, if my quote is more than they had in mind, it's over, even if they agree it could well be bad news.
So yeah, pay in advance, it all depends if you need the work bad, but me thinks you're better off not bothering either way.
Unless they pay in advance.

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