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I've been in this business for 20 years! Have never had a trimmer rack, always used the floor of the trailer to store trimmer. It has had mixed results regarding the trimmers condition. I have a new stick edger which means I have two items competing for floor space in my trailer. They both don't fit, so the new edger has to ride in the truck bed, where security is a concern. My trailer is a "basket" trailer, 5x14 custom built, with a tarp over bows on the top. All openings on this trailer can, and are padlocked, leaving only what I am using unsecured. As a result I haven't been too concerned about theft, but the head of my trimmer has taken much abuse from bouncing around the floor of the trailer. The plastic engine cover is just about gone, and as a result I feel I look less "professional" when using this piece of equipment than I'd like. I would buy a new cover for it, but no use if it is just going to continue to get the same abuse. However since buying this stick edger I now realize I need a trimmer rack. These Extreme Series racks really look like they are made to my "professional standards"! I have been looking at racks for several weeks now and have not been impressed with what I've seen, until I found these on an internet search. Matt, this may not be much of a horror store regards wayward trimmers, but one of these on my trailer, which was built, right down to matching wheels, to compliment my "Professional Grade" GMC truck, would sure be a great compliment to my rolling stock! I would like to expose your product here locally, as I haven't seen many posts from LOC's here in Oklahoma!

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