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Trimmer Rack Give-Away Story

Not quite sure if this is still going on but here is my story:

I do not have any sob stories about either my gear falling from another rack onto the road, gas spills, or theft. I do, however, know that my gear needs to be secure considering I live at an apartment complex with my gear in plain view of all who drive by. I have been cutting grass part-time since 1999 in order to pay for gas to get back and forth to college. This year, I decided to drop out of graduate school and go into the Lawn Care business full force since it is what I love to do. Getting a set of Trimmer Racks would greatly add to the security of my gear but also allow me to have a better presentation of that gear upon arriving at a client's parcel as well as driving down the road.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this competition.

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