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In my humble opinion
If you get the remanufactired engine from a reliable source it is really your best option. The professional rebuilders see the engine everyday and know what to look for and look at. Plus it will save you much downtime and trips to the parts store.
However there are many folks out there that will sell you a re-ringed engine and charge you for a remanufactured. I have installed over 40 of the Jasper engines in everything from cars and trucks to boats and have never yet had a bad one. They are one of the best if not the best out there and the price is justifiable concidering the alternative.
If you can go with the long block instead of the short block. Also take a look at your flywheel or flex plate while the engine is out and you might just as well replace the front tranny seal while it is accessable.
Remember though regardless of what you do while the engine is out there will be something else to cause you concern later.
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