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I too find myself with this problem(personal vehicle). Remanufactured engines will get you back on the road fast without having to do a lot of extra work(just swap engine) or technical know how. However I'm rebuilding my engine myself, it will take approximately two weeks. The reason I decide to go this way is that I know the history of my engine and I will be able to customize it somewhat to my preferences(ie. different cams and so on).
Cams can make a big difference in power, performance, and fuel economy. Many different cams are available for Chevy 350s, however if the engine is fuel infected it will limit what you can do without replacing the computer chip. Low end cams will give lots of power for pulling, but fuel mileage goes down. Mid range cams are the most common for common use. High end cams are for speed, but lack the power for pulling trailers. There are many cams that fit in between each of these ranges. You can even have cams ground or made to your specs($$$$).
If you are pulling a trailer loaded with equipment and lack enough power at times, find out what you have and move one step towards a lower end cams.
If you are doing it yourself, plan on replacing other components as well. You will find many other things that will need to be replaced, such as EGR valve, clutch(if manual trans), and so on.
Best of luck whichever way you decide to go.
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