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Originally Posted by tthomass View Post
If 8 fills the schedule and turn good net.......thats being selective and good.

Now, as I know you're probably working on, secure the same for next year and have a second crew (2-3 guys) doing other, smaller say up to $20,000ish, jobs for quick cash. The truck and equipment for them should be paid for in a couple months. Outfit them with a skid steer (go track since you've got wheels) and some other goodies and you shouldn't have a problem breaking even the first year. Fast forward to the second year.......looks green doesn't it?

I am planning to stick with the larger jobs. I think i finally figured out cost effective advertising methods to reel these leads in. I just need to the adds more guys and some equipment to rap these things up quicker. These big jobs are just smaller jobs put together. I am planning to go to a 5-6 man crew with 2 formen. Almost every job i have done this year could handle the large number of guys.

Frankly, i do not have much interest in smaller stuff. I like to always challenge myself and try to accomplish stuff that seems so far out from anything i ever done before.

What i am doing though, is setting these big install customers up for smaller add on later. I just finshed a 40k install, were we will go back next year and throw in 12k more in plants.
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