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hmmm, haven't had cookie dough

Yeah the truck is and out of the shop for two weeks + rain + dirt site = mess but thats what this weekend is for, cleaning.

Muscles.......want to grow? I suggest dropping the lawn care. More and more people are tied up with little crap from fussy customers they don't have time or money to put into constuction needs. They spend more dollars on mowers and grow with pennies, doesn't work so well that way. In my area anyway.......too much competition and cheapo's.

Green.......thanks! People punch numbers all the time with tracks and nag about the cost like they do fuel mileage on a work truck. Same with fuel, I don't pay it, my customer does. Tracks aren't so expensive when you're working and the other contractors are packing up to go back home now are they? Lets see, sit at home with $0 losing a day(s) production or work and make $........its a no brainer.

Rusk.......I would sitll encourage dabbling in smaller jobs. Larger jobs are job security and smaller jobs are often better money makers. Mix the two and you're good to go......its not what you gross but what you net.

Random: "Don't worry about the dollars, watch the pennies" as my grandpa told my Dad and he to me.
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