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Originally Posted by tthomass View Post
Muscles.......want to grow? I suggest dropping the lawn care. More and more people are tied up with little crap from fussy customers they don't have time or money to put into constuction needs. They spend more dollars on mowers and grow with pennies, doesn't work so well that way. In my area anyway.......too much competition and cheapo's.
Couldn't agree more man. So many people can't even afford to have an LCO at their place to begin with. Its just so hard for me cause I'm too young to own a truck but I'm gettin one this fall so it's all good. You'll see some awesome hardscape pics posted by me next year.

Originally Posted by tthomass View Post
Random: "Don't worry about the dollars, watch the pennies" as my grandpa told my Dad and he to me.
What do you mean by this? I thought it was the other way around. Being "penny wise, dollar dumb" is what I've heard is bad.
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