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Well there has been some advice given. Here is a thought . Start out defining just what type of accounts that you want. Then look at the neighborhoods that are close to your house if any. This way you will not waste time or gas getting to the work for the day.

Find some neighborhoods that you would like to be in , then look them up on the county tax records. You will find every thing you need to know about the people. Then in stead of wasting time with flyer's stuck in doors. You can come up with several marketing letters address to the home owner directly.

Secure an appointment via the phone and take a copy of the tax record with you , people will tell you they only this much yard , well it will be more, once on the yard take out your wheel, yes a wheel and measure it front, back and sides, make a drawing of the yard , if the ask what you are doing . Tell them it is in the details.........................People freak at the wheel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Figure out your fee per sq-ft.based on how much time it will take you.

Above all do not waste time helping your friends , or letting people side track you . Write down your goals with a business plan and just keep going over it. Because they have only their goals in mind and trying to collect money out of friends is a pain in the back, further your business goals , because no one will stop to help you only your self.

Tight fist your money do not give any of it away this is hard money , it goes back in to your business, The business will need every thing to grow like a small pet it chews up every thing.
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