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I couldnt agree more with FIMCO in the above post. Mowing lawns requires alot of equipment and more can be made with less equipment. Especially in the line of Irrigation repair. 2000 bucks and a truck and you are well on your way in irrigation repair/service. folks dont mind paying 65.00-75.00 dollars per hour for irrigation labor. Mowing lawns is how I started my business and quickly found out our crews need to mow alot of lawns per season to keep cash on hand. Solo operations most will tell ya it takes seven days a week to stay in the black all year long. And most who tell you they are solo and doing fine, well we will see as long as they stay healthly and fill like mowing lawns untill age 65. making a living that about all you can do mowing solo. Volume and more volume is the key to generating profits with mowing.
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