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Originally Posted by Capemay Eagle View Post
Me and my wife love them for some reason. They grow wild around here and they bloom on the fourth of July. I was not sure that you could buy them, I have actually been looking for one to dig up and plant in my yard.
Mimosas in NJ, Huh? That gives me hope! Are you close to the Atlantic so that the temperatures are moderated by the sea? I was always told they start to freeze out at about consistant -15 F temps.
You can Google 'Mimosa' and buy whips to have them shipped to you if you feel confident enough in your climate, but if they're "growing wild" there, maybe you could "root prune" a few this fall and mark them with a ribbon, then dig them in the spring? (If you don't know how to do this and would like to try, let me know.)

Believe it or not, when I returned with my family from Hilton Head SC this spring, I bought one in a 5 gallon bucket at a place called 'The Greenery' and brought it back in our pickup just to add to the 'gene pool' of mimosa on our property. And you know, I think it worked! All of them bloomed for the first time!
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