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made a decision

Based on the negative feeling I was having about the used Mini Z I decided not to pursue it. The owner didn't call back and the dealer had not heard from him to get the mower checked out either. Also, the owner had never never changed the oil (not even the break-in) until after the first season. He told me his young son did most of the cutting and he, the owner, only had about ten hours time operating the machine. So, between the oil, the son operating, the performance, and no dealer check-up, I decided to buy new. This way I know what the machine has been through.
I came minutes away from buying a 21/54 Fastrak until I realized the sale on the Exmark Lazer Z HP 19/50. The Triton deck seems to be a monster and that was a big concern for me because the deck always seems to be the first to go (rust). I also considered a new Mini z 19/52 but the Exmark was priced right in between the two. All I can do is hope I made a good decision. Thanks guys.
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