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I don't have a problem with FRAM's cardboard end caps because, as mentioned, the media is basically a "paper".
I do have problem with their ADBV's that seem to fail on a regular basis.
I first noticed this about 10 years ago. When I would start my car, after sitting overnight, the oil light would take 2-3 seconds to go out. Went with a non FRAM filter and the light went out instantly. IOW, the filter was draining out!
IMO, even the Wal Mart ST filter is a MUCH better choice (made by Champion)

As to that old link- It's been posted all over the net with different names attached to it.
The info is simply too old to be reliable regarding who makes what.

I also won't disagree that your vehicle will probably last as long as you want to keep it with a FRAM. Any new vehicle should last 200k miles with minimally required oil/filter changes. How about beyond that?
A friend has a 92 Camry with 300k and serviced at the dealers. Valve seals are gone, so she gets a puff of start up smoke, but otherwise it still doesn't need oil added between changes.

I just think there are better choices for the money than FRAM.
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