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Originally Posted by RedRed View Post
Are the bearings pressed onto the spindle or just interference fit? Also, how much slop is too much slop? I currently have about 2mm of up and down movement in the spindle. Before that I had absolutely zero up/down movement. I assume 2mm isn't too bad yet I don't want it to get out of hand and wipe out other parts as well.

Thanks for your replies.
The bearings just slide onto the shaft. It is easier to slide them on with a little grease or a film of oil on the shaft. The up and down is not much of a problem. It is the side to side movement of the bearing, in each bearing location that is the problem. When the bearing is installed in it's location, you should have to press, or drive it firmly into place. I use a wood block about 1 1/2" square and a hammer to TAP the bearings into their locations. If the bearing fall into, falls out off, or spins in the bearing location, then, the spindle housing is too worn and needs replaced.
Do not remove any seals from the double-sealed bearing. As a Grasshopper dealer, I can tell you that those bearings can last hundreds and hundreds of hours just like they come with the seals. They are pre-lubed at the bearing factory. As the seal finally wears, you will actually be forcing new grease into that bearing every time you grease. So, the bearing is not going to run dry, even when it has lots of hours on it.
hope this helps.
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