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Hey Todd -

Like you new chevy. When I bought my 06 GMC I didn't like the front ends of the Chevy, now I'm not sold on the new GMC's but like the Chevy. Go figure.

One small piece of advise with these Duramax's. Change the fuel filter every 15,000 miles! Every diesel I've had I've always run 50-75k on a fuel filter. We were headed out on vacation last weekend, towing the boat, and the thing went into limp mode. Apparently GM uses a much smaller micron filter, when it drops to a certain low fuel pressure it throws it into limp mode and the engine light comes on. You can't go more than 45 mph and you lose 50% power until you get it changed. Fortunately we made it to a dealership in NY and they swapped it out. So when that gauge on your dash says change fuel filter at xx% it means it.

Good luck with it. That diesel pulls like no other.
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