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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
Well Ed,

I checked around and that seems to be the going price or within only a couple bux.

It just doesn't make sense that these two engines are eating carbs, Are you running the higher octane fuel or adding any additives to the fuel ?
Because of a starting problem on one we switched to 89 after shop did something on valves.....this one unit has been a hard starter from the beginning and after 1 year I got fed up and took it in.....Now yesterday I noticed the dam thing was leaking gas into cyclinder and obviously that made it hard to start. I am fusterated with these replacement engines I put two on during winter(even though my other units were running okay) and they have not been good for me. If this unit don't start easy after I put this $80 carb on I am going to put the old carb back on take the engine to the shop and tell them to send it back to kohler I am done with it...Maybe I will look at Kaw again instead of the cheap $600 Kohler...any thoughts on that? End of rant.
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