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If you use it and take it into a dealer to get it fixed eventually, tell them you have it in there (most of the time you can tell cause of weight, obviously). I had a few I didnt notice any weight difference and since it rusts your rims many times its really tough to break the bead. When I finally broke some of the beads with that crap in there it went all over the place. I looked like I blew a camel. I came out so many times to the customer and they just burst into laughs. I didnt find the humor in it, unless it wasnt me and it was my friend. Funny how that works. I used to sell some stuff out of Loveland, CO that didnt rust the rims. It was great. It was called Tru-Goo. There is also some slime that is real cheap. It doesnt have the little black specs in it. It doesnt work as well. There is the slime with the little blacks specs that works well. They are both slime brand. I havent sold slime in the last couple years, so I really dont know if what I said above has changed much or that they still make the cheap stuff.

I am surprised many of you have had good luck with foam filling castor wheels. I had terrible luck with doing it. I actually stopped providing the service. The problem I had is the tire, broke apart almost the first day of use. Any ideas, what may have been my problem? The soft ones from the factory were good, the regular tires that were foamed after the fact is what I had problems with. Thanks.
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