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Just put down my first app. How did I do?

First let me say hi! I have been lurking for a while here.

I made the decision to switch to Organic. I have a new lawn last fall, and have used synthetics until this fall. I have a 90% weed free lawn. I have some small Crabgrass pop ups 5-10 in the whole lawn, and some minor clover. I dont mind the clover they are cute little Nitrogen machines that are easy to get rid of.

I have about 3000/sq. ft of lawn.

I sent my soil out in the early spring and got the following recommendations:

Early spring or Late fall: 50lb/1000 sq. ft..... Dolomitic Limestone .

Late April and late June: 3lbs/1000sq. ft 30-3-3 fert

Very Late August: 5lbs/1000sq. ft 20-3-12 fert AND 5lbs/1000sq. ft 0-20-0 SuperPhosPhosphate.

ALL my spring app. were Synthetic.

I just applied an 8-2-4 Agway Organic fert @40lbs for my 3000 sq.ft. I figured this is perfect for the N andK and a little heavy on the P but not a bad thing because my P is so low anyways.
I also applied a 5lb bag of Espoma Triple Phosphate (0-46-0) for my entire 3000 sq. ft of lawn. I also applied 80lbs of Gypsum pellets. I have a natural sandy/clay soil which the contractor only put around 1/2" of Loam on for top soil.

I am going to have the lawn Core Aerated in about 3 weeks and then I will overseed. In mid-late October I was figuring on applying my Lime and I will also apply my 30-3-3 fert around this time, maybe a week or two later.

My soil pH is 6.3
Buffer ph is 6.8
Organic matter is 2.0%
Nitrogen is 0ppm
Cation exchnage capacity is 5.1meq/100g
Extractable Aluminum is 70ppm
% base saturation is K=6.8 Mg=8.9 Ca=55.4
Nutrient levels are P=4ppm K=168ppm Ca=701ppm Mg=69ppm

So whats next? Corn Gluten for a pre emergent, but WHEN?.....and how much?

Anything else I am missing?
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