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Originally Posted by NattyLawn View Post
If you want to use a pre-em, you need to get it down before the weeds germinate. While CGM is 9% N, it needs to be broken down by soil microbes. Will you have to mow? Yes. 2-3 times a week? Probably not.

Early Spring: (Mar-April) CGM (20-25lbs), Late spring: Low N, 4-3-1 or 6-2-4 at 10-20 lbs. per k.

Seriously though, you don't need 150lbs of lime this fall.
I already did the lime for this year. So maybe next year.

I will apply the CGM in the months recommended above, thanks!

As for the fert, should I NOT follow the recomendations of one of the TOP Hort/Arb/Forest/Turf Schools in the world? Why would they try and make me use things I dont need? I am not trying to be confrontational just trying to understand all this.

I am new to this fert/soil world. I will be taking the MA certified Arborist exam next month and I am trying to learn as much as possible. I guess my lawn is my research study.....
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