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Well I ran over the muffler after I had made one pass around the perimeter of the lot and was maybe 1/4 of the way around on the second pass. Then the motor noise got real loud and a jarring bump and then something whanging around under the deck and I shut er off. Next I proceeded to get off the tractor, go around front and get down and see what damage I had done. And there was that muffler with a big gash in the side of it.
So there you have it.
Up till then it ran great.
Now ever since then it runs like its trying to cough up something. Like I said above it sounds like when you were a kid and did your first tuneup on your first car with a V8 in it and got the wires back on but one cylinder off. Of course no power.
Also when trying to start it, sometimes it will take that long slow first crank, like a car with the timing too advanced. Then I will shut off the key and try again. It might take two or three times but then it will crank normal. That is not to say that it runs properly, this is just something else that I remembered that it does since me and the muffler thing...
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