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BR340 won't idle or accelerate

I have a Stihl BR340 blower. It has been sitting for a few months, and wouldn't start last week. I took apart the carb, sprayed and blew out all ports, and reassembled. It ran fine. It then developed a gas leak from the carb from a gasket, so today I replaced the gaskets. Now, when I start it, the engine runs, but will not accelerate without dying. To keep it running, I have to put it on full choke for a quick second, then switch it back. It will then rev up for a few seconds, then slow down. If I don't keep switching the choke to full and back, it will die. I can't accelerate even after I switch it to full choke and back. Adjusting the idle speed and H & L screws didn't seem to make a difference. Thanks
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