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I had a similar problem on my Husq. where the belt kept riding off the wheel pulley and eventually chewed up the $50 belt. The fix was to shim the wheel with thin washers. I put about 3 on the problem side and it lined everything right up.

I am sure that this will cause your pulling to the side problem. But another thing that will cause it to pull is uneven tire pressure or even different diameter tires. When I purchased my first wb. a scag 36 it was pulling to one side horribly the mower shop kept telling me that one tire must be underinflated. I knew that they weren't. after about 2 weeks I could not stand it any more my right hand was killing me from trying to keep the mower tracking straight. I checked the diameter of the tires (at proper pressure) and one tire was 1 inch larger diameter than the other. problem solved. this was on a brand new mower.
good luck
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