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*crickets chirping*


Bill and Eric have steered you in the right direction.....

This is the only thing I'd like to add;

I can look in and see the valve is gummed up with oil.
Seeing this is considered normal on a engine burning excessive oil due to worn rings, It does not mean the valve guides are worn/bad.

Once you get the valve springs removed you can check how bad the valves rock side to side in the guides, If it is excessive then replace them but not because of the oil/carbon build-up.

Just a pointer on re-sealing the cylinder jug to the block;

I use nothing but Loctite gasket eliminator for ANY non-gasket sealing surfaces. I do not apply a bead but apply a thin coat over the whole surface area applying to my finger first then smooth evenly.

Doing this assures ME that I WILL get a good leak free seal.
In a job shop there's nothing worse than having to do a job twice.

Good Luck with your repair.....
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