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well i went down to the hustler dealer this morning. Picked up the replacement hose, 6 quarts of oil, some luberazoil and a new hydro filter. I would have gladly paid to have it done at the dealer but they were booked out 2 weeks so that ment 1 thing, got to do it myself. Wasnt too bad once I had the right equipment and was able to lift my mower up in the air with my buddies bobcat. Replaced the hose, filter and filled her back up and bled the hydros. Now another problem arose.....the mower just clicked when I turned the key. I have a super z with the same motor and had the same problem. Had to run a thicker guage wire to the starter. Now it fires right up the first try. I managed to spent the good part of the day doing all this but it was a good experience!
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